June 23, 2011

Sloan @Mod Club Theatre on June 22nd, 2011

Sloan delivered an exuberant set at the Mod Club Theatre on June 22nd 2011 for the second night of their two-night stand in Toronto.

When the opening duo appeared on the packed venue, I screamed "That's the Sonic Boom guy!!!'- and I'm not referring Lullabye Arkestra! It seems that Sonic Boom just pumps out duo after duo! The grunge rock band - HOTKID - performed a fairly entertaining set. The 'Sonic Boom guy', Rob Butcher III's frisky drumming and the sweaty crunchy guitar playing of Shiloh Harrison warmed up the audience to be ready for the Sloan's performance. 

Despite beaming the stage with spotlights all of a sudden; I sensed the the excitement of the audience - but I saw no one on the stage. Without a drummer to be seen the drums echoed in the packed venue, and here comes... Sloan!!! The quartet ambled on the stage with the first song, "Follow the Leader." The diehard fans were treated to a refreshing but nostalgic set by the Canadian super collective. After just releasing of their  10th record, 'the Double Cross'; the band delivered a handful tunes from the new album, including 'The Answer was you', 'Shadow of Love', 'Beverly Terrance, and more.  The audience seemed like they did their homework prior to the show and takingthe waves of new songs in joyfully. They also didn't forget to spoil the crowd with their good oldies sing-along tracks, such as 'Who thought you to live like that', 'Your daddy will do”, and 'Don't Believe Word.' 

The collective still sparked their individual personalities without any conflict with each other; Chris Murphy was constantly making eye contact with the crowd and enjoying the connection he made, Jay Ferguson quietly enjoying the groove with a big smile on his face, Patrick Pentland hauling his coolest 3 guitars that I've ever seen in my life (Gorgeous guitars!), and Andrew Scott rockin’ n rollin' while exuding an aura of cool. 

Their miraculous set wasn't over just yet. The encore was so epic that it made me almost cry, hearing the song, " The Rest of My Life" and " Money City Maniacs". It was the perfect way to end the remarkable night of full of awesomeness. 

Now that I've seen Sloan live twice, I shall go to Government of Canada and demand my Canadian citizenship.  

P.S. Thank you, the guy in a white-polo for saving me from the crazy lady who was pushing me so hard.

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