December 28, 2011

Best of 2011: Best Live Act Part 2

Let’ continue with the last half of the picks of Best of 2011.

5. The Darcys at Horseshoe Tavern on May 14th

Another artist who was hyped up as the best in 2011 is Toronto art rock band, The Darcys. The quartet became more popular than ever before with their self-titled debut album via Arts and Crafts in this fall. I caught their performance when their fellow Toronto rock band, Dinosaur Bones played at Horseshoe Tavern on May 14th. Each member of the Darcys weaved their instruments together to form a quilt of sound-each stitch in the quilt was more important than the last. The words meant so much. And the hooks popped up, as if out of nowhere. It left the audience feeling transcended from the traditional sense of an audience. It was more like we were witnessing a completion of an art work. (Click here to read the full review)

4. Paper Lions on at Horseshoe Tavern June 24th

No one rocks my heart out like PEI pop rock band, Paper Lions. After discovering them during Canadian Music Festival, opening for the Balconies, I continued dropping by at their shows - 5 times this year! Moreover, I had a great opportunity to have an interview with the band on December 10th for their holiday show. (Click here) Their catchy danceable verses with witty lyrics and their cordial live performance with captivating tracks from their latest EP, ‘Trophies’. I bathe in the astounding hooks every time I'm at their shows.

3. A Primitive Evolution, Battle of the band at Hard Rock Café on February 16th

With a lovely invitation from my friend Dani to join her for the semi-final for the Hard Rock Café’s Battle of the Bands, I witnessed a performance of Toronto gothic rock quartet, A Primitive Evolution. Their stage presence separated them from the rest immediately when they commenced their show. The show went into overdrive when girls in costumes and mascots jumped on the stage. Despite the crowded stage, the dynamic performance of the band was still the centre of attention. This show reminded me how much I love going to gigs and made me realize that I have missed too many of them lately. (Click here to read my full review)

2. Ben Caplan at Drake Hotel Underground on September 14th

I instantly felt my pulse beat faster when I first saw Nova Scotia singer songwriter, Ben Caplan, turn into a musical beast on the stage. It became very obvious that Caplan took the audience by storm not only with his witty and frank talk between songs, but also his charismatic and propounding voice. This musical prodigy is something that you HAVE TO witness in 2012. (Click here to read my full review)

1. Death From Above 1979 at Sound Academy on October 29th

At last, my best of 2011 live show act is the return of Toronto duo, Death From Above 1979. I've waited over 7 years to finally witness them perform in 2011. I saw them twice this year, once at Osheaga Music festival in Montreal and their Toronto show on October 29th. ‘Rock like it is the first show you have ever seen and the last show you will ever see- Exclaimed Sebastien Grainger to Toronto fans. The duo blasted their hit tunes from the album, 'You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine', casting a hurricane at the venue. It was the most intense show that I have ever been to.-one mosh pit after another, which people at the front attempted crowd surfing numerous times, drenched in sweat. It became the show that left a mark in my heart, which will last forever. (Click here to read my review)

Thank you so much fellow music psychos for your supports in 2011. I will strive to provide more interviews and show reviews in 2012!!!

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