January 2, 2012

2012 Kanae's highly expected

A happy new year all to all. I wish a very prosperous and brilliant year for you all. This year is going to be full of awesome music. The new albums in 2012 that I can't wait for are:

To kick off the new year, Toronto pop rock band, Hands and Teeth are set to release a sophomore album, 'Hunting Season' on January 17th. I've already had a quick listen to the full album and it sounds artistically more mature than their last album, 'Enjoy Your Lifestyle', proving that they are not just a pop rock band, while adventuring into new styles. 

Another album that I am dying to hear is the Wooden Sky's new full album, 'Every Child a Daughter, Every Moon a sun' on February 24th. it's probably is going to be an extension of their latest EP, ' City of Light', which was released later in 2011. It allows listeners to indulge in the excellence of their folk rock verses. 

Although the release dates are not defined yet, The Balconies and Zeus are almost done with their recordings, and the Sheepdogs and Paper Lions are working on the new records. Don't forget to check out Music Psychos for more information! 

My must-see list for 2012 is:

Young Galaxy
Yamataka// Sonic Titan
Rick Aucoin
New Hands
The Mark Inside

Also this year's Edge fest is looking gorgeous. This is a festival that I would definitely check out. 

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