December 27, 2011

Best of 2011: Best Live Act Part 1

We only have a few more days in 2011 and I thought I would sum up this year with my pick of best live acts as I went to more shows than ever before in 2011. Enjoy!

10. The Sheepdogs at Horseshoe Tavern on March 23rd via Canadian Music Festival

It was before Saskatoon rock band, the Sheepdogs, became so well-known due to the winning of  the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine. I was fortunate enough to witness their stellar harmonies flown with 70's class rock tunes during Canadian Music Festival. One of their songs, 'Southern Dreaming' consists the guitar riffs which caused a stuck tune syndrome instantly and the two guitar verses met in the air perfectly. (click here to read my full review).

9.Thomas Dybdahl on July 19th at Drake Hotel Underground

Norwegian singer songwriter, Thomas Dydahl delivered an intimate show on July 19th at Drake Hotel Underground. His attentive eyes on the audience in order to engage with them was something to note from the night. I especially fell in love with his performance in the sense that Dybdahl was creating a one -time only experience with the audience, which made me feel privileged to be a part of the show. (click here to read the full review)

8. Arctic Monkeys on May 21st at Kool Haus

Brits rock giant, Arctic Monkeys, delivered a thunderous performance on May 21st at Kool Haus. It felt quite surreal to capture their show with my own eyes as they performed their greatest-hit songs throughout the show with their latest album, 'Suck it and See'. Their cohesiveness of the sounds was impressive. No matter how fast their guitar riffs were running through, everything came together seamlessly with lead singer, Alex Turner's compelling voice. I cannot wait to see them again on March 18th with The Black Keys at ACC.(Click here to read the full review)

7. Tokyo Police Club on January 15th at Kool Haus

My very first show in 2011 was a great kick-off of the year. Toronto pop rock band, Tokyo Police Club ignited a fire in long-waiting fans at Kool Haus on January 15th with Two Door Cinema Club. I danced my butt off with their captivating tunes and sweated out in the middle of winter. The climax of the show was priceless as Tokyo Police Club covered the stroke's 'Last Nite' with their opener of the night, Two Door Cinema Club. (Click here to read the full review)

6. Butch Walker and the Black Widow on October 18th at Mod Club Theatre

My favorite singer songwriter, Butch Walker stopped by town with his newest release, The Spade at Mod Club on October 18th. I did not write a review of this show as I found it very personao, as he is one of the reasons that I am writing a music blog today after witnessing his mind-blowing show at Lee's Palace in 2009. Standing alone on the stage with a single acoustic guitar, he showcased older songs, even from Marvelous 3's  'Every Monday' and 7 Cigarette Lighter Love Song' and 'Alicia Amnesia' from his first solo album, 'My Way.' Then called the full band, Black Widows, to perform songs off from 'The Spade.' I have a couple of videos from the night, check it out (Click here) His performance always brings me tears in my eyes and this night was no exception. Again, if you haven't seen him perform, I strongly recommend you do. 

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