October 28, 2010

Halloween Guide :)

Have you guys decided what you are gonna be for Halloween? Most  people get their costumes ready a few days before. Many people decide what they're going to dress up as for Hallowe'en. But...! what they plan on going out and doing is another matter! As Halloween falls on Sunday, you get to party throughout the weekend. So this is what you need to know to party like a rock star on Halloween :)

Oct 28th Thursday:

Angus & Julia Stone @ Opera house- This Acoustic/folk band is coming all the way from Sydney. Doors at 8p.m

Bruce Peninsula,and  Minotaurs @ Horse Shoe Tavern- Bruce Peninsula, the Toronto Based band, with Steven McKay as the drummer ( Click here to read the post). The bluesy rock band is playing with the Minotaurs, who I also featured in this past post! 

The 24th Street Wailers @ Reservoir Lounge 7 pm-9p.m - the winner of this year's Toronto Blues Society Talent Search is hitting the stage at the legendary Jazz bar, The Reservoir!

Oct 29th, Friday:

Matt &Kim @ Phoenix - Brooklin based Indie pop/electronic due will be stopping by T.dot with their new album released last week, "Cameras". Doors at 8p.m

The Golden Dogs @ Horse Shoe Tavern- Toronto Pop Rock band is a perfect opener for the Halloween weekend! if you haven't checked out their wild energetic performance, you know where to go!

Yacht Rock @ the Boat- the weekly Jazz/electronic event will be held this Halloween weekend as well. Of course it's a special version of the weekly event for Halloween! Shandy and Jordan Kern from the band,  "Escalate!" will be  rocking the stage! Click here to check out the details of the event

October 30th, Saturday:

The city will be full of Halloween Parties everywhere. My recommendation on this night is to party out: Where? check out NowMagazine. (Click here for the list)

Oct 31st, Sunday: Halloween! 

The Black Mountain @ Phoenix: BC psycho rock band, is returning to T.dot with their fellow band, The Black Angels. I love The Black Mountain's new album   ( I consider this album as one of the best albums of the year.) It has grown on me so much as I anticipated in my CD review ( Click here to read the post)

....But I know, a lot of people will be saying that " I can't party out late at night cuz I gotta work on Monday!" I know I feel your pain.  I  have the typical Monday-Friday job. I have a solution to the problem. Who said that we can't party during the day? Our beloved Toronto indie instrumental band, Escalate! is playing in front of Embassy for the Pedestrian Sunday between 2p.m-4;30p.m. It is gonna be epic! So why don't you make a brunch plan with your buddies and check out the awesome music??

Please feel free to comment on the post if you think you have a better Halloween party idea!

Speacial thanks to Jon as a guest editor :)

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