September 21, 2010

Nathan Lawr and the Minotaurs: Free Download..

FootstepsOne of my favorite sites to check out new music is Spinner Canada. The site not only contains free listening of new albums of a week, but also there are enormous amount of daily news posted continuously. My favorite parts of the site are Listening Party, where you get to listen to new full CDs weekly, and MP3 of the Day, where you get to download free music. The site also primarily focuses on the Canadian indie artists, so it is perfect for our Music Psychos' readers!! If you haven’t heard of it – go check it out!!

This morning, while I was waiting for my friend to get ready, I came across with a band called "Minotaurs"  The free download of this entire week was from their album and I started listening to the song, "Caught in the light". This song really caught my ears’ attention immediately. The song starts with a jazzy percussion. Then very groovy tune fills in the atmosphere; filling the track with the sounds of guitar, trumpet and saxophone.  Moreover, what I like about this song is how the singer’s smooth soft voice flows with the music. The lead singer, Nathan Lawr, is also known as a supporting member from a various band, including  King Cobb SteelieSea SnakesJim GuthrieConstantinesFemBots and Gentleman Reg. I don’t know what it is, but there is definitely something about his voice. I know Constantine’s' stuff pretty well as I own a couple of CDs, however, Nathan's stuff is completely different from them, in a good way. Exclaim, Toronto’s free Music newspaper, even stated that "Over the past decade, Lawr became a Romeo of underground folk-rock, writing of interpersonal affairs with his heart on his sleeve. That's how the Guelph, ON-based artist operates ― logic, passion, joy, and rage, all simmering to the surface"

I found out that there will be a Toronto Show on September 24th at Garrison!!! It's on this Friday!! I think it's worthy to go and check out how the band actually sounds like in a show. Which I am most definitely tempted to do. But of course, before the show, you can check out their music on either their My Space site, or Click here to download free MP3s from Spinner's website. I have no idea how long these links are available, so hurry and get the awesome music yo!

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