September 10, 2010

Black Mountain - Wilderness Heart

Happy Friday Music Psychos!! How's it going?

My apologies for not updating anything for a week. My life has been insane as hell!! All is well though. I am just running around here and there. I have some exciting news coming up soon and I should be able to share them hopefully by the end of this month. So stay tuned will ya? I am 150% sure that you would LOVE this announcement.

I’ve had a couple of people ask me when I even have a time to check out new bands and music despite my chaotic schedule. My motto is "There is always time to do things if I try to find it!" So I do so whenever I get any spare time - usually when I commute to work (just in case if you don't know me well, I commute over one hour everyday to go to work - coz it worth it) My best morning of the week is Thursday morning. Indeed, it is my favourite morning of the week. It is not the Saturday and Sunday mornings when I get to sleep in longer. It is not only because I treat myself with the Starbucks' Grande Mild, it is because I always grab the Now Magazine – one of Toronto’s two free weekly magazines. It contains everything that you need - weekend events, all the show listings, show reviews, disc reviews, and  movie reviews and so much and so forth. When I find any disc reviews, it is the first thing that I do when I get to work is to check out the band on Grooveshark or iTunes. 

Per my usual ritual yesterday morning, I grabbed a copy of Now Magazine covering TIFF. I checked out the disc reviews on the VIVA bus. I found the Disc review of Black Mountain's new album, Wilderness Heart. Now magazine even claimed the band as "Canada's best Psych rock band" and gave four stars on the review. -this means, I MUST check the band immediately. Shamefully, I did not know anything about the band. I had never heard of them. This comes from my lack of focus on the music scene between 2005 to 2008 due to my school and all that jazz. So I looked them up and here is what I got.

Black Mountain is the BC born psych/ metal band, who was once nominated and remained as the finalist for 2008 Polaris Music Prize. See, I am telling you, I have no idea how dare I missed this amazing band till now! Well nothing is too late I guess. 

The new album "Wilderness Heart" contains a various range of songs- it is not restricted to one genre. A song like, "The Hair song", is a rock song, which reminds me of the Black Keys' groove, other songs like, "Roller Coaster" rang a bell of heavy rock like the Kills. Furthermore, this album also contains songs like" the way to go" and " the space of your mind"  which are more bluesy/folkish well I should not have compared this band to others, but what I mean is that this band is amazingly talented that this band can pull it off anything. It is also very easy to listen to the very first time of listening to the album as it contains a various kinds of music, so you don't get bored in the middle of albums, wondering why all the songs sound the same. But not only that, it will also grow in after repeating the album all over again.  This album will be available on Sep 14th and Black Mountain will be in Toronto on October 31st, at the Phoenix. It definitely a good idea to have your Halloween party at their show, dressing up as your favourite costume. 

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