November 1, 2010

November!.. and Halloween message from our crew!

Happy Monday Music Psychos! How are you?

Happy belated Halloween! Did you guys all have fun last night? I partied up on Friday + Saturday with Bryen and fellows. It was fun. I missed the Black Mountains show last night at the Phoenix though. But I'd spooked myself by sorting out pictures that I took over two days at home. Especially this one:

If you know what is the name of the character that Bryen dressed up as, please shoot me a message! If you also have a picture of your costume, send it over to!!

We have a couple of news to share in November. Yes, it is going to be a busy (and fun of course) month for us. So stay tuned....

P.S the Escalate! interview part 3 is on its way.... We promise you that it will be coming up shortly. We are very sorry for the delay....

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