July 24, 2012

New Hands:Tulips

Do you remember Hamilton based electro rock band, New Hands? They've recently been featured in Southern Souls, which was produced by Mitch Fillion and captures live performances of local artists. I've been fond of his project for the last few years as he naturally grasps the live performance so transparently that I feel as if a band in the video were performing in front of me in my backyard.    

This performance captures two tracks- their first single off their debut album, Tulips and another tune off the album, Whichever Way You'll Have,  This video gives the listener the ability to see through the lenses of the camera. Tulip kicks off with galvanizing synth beats with dulcet electro tunes. Once the luring beats started repeating in the head while toe-topping with the tune, the deep voice of Spence Newell jumps in the mingle of rhythmic beats. Gradually escalated its tune to the chorus, the emotive shout leaves a scar with impulsing hooks. I feel like I am totally missing out the fact that I haven't seen these guys in live by watching this video. 

You can download the copy of this song, Tulip via their bandcamp site. 

I told you it’s not easy, this movement can change you 
Packages and poisons picked say that you are leaving 
Scared that growth is bad for him, thinks it will estrange us 
So like someone always says, we just need to focus 

Take me to my first school dance, show me your apartment 
Shake your head and hold my hand, say I’m still important 
Make a name just as we land, all the papers calling 
This idea could have been, but we never focused 

Say you’re upset that I’m leaving 
Don’t ever compare me with him 

Leave me don’t say you’ll carry me home 

I wanted him to remind me of you 
I wanted you to love what we’d become 
Don’t tell me lying wasn’t the best course 
It was an ugly thing that kept you from leaving 

Leave me don’t say you’ll carry me home

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