July 25, 2012

Clara Engel, Lovebird's Throat

Toronto singer songwriter Clara Engel has the voice of a dark angel.- While the plaintive melodies of each song vibrates in the deep air, her resonant vocal sprawls with sorrow and darkend lyrics, which is more poetic story telling than just a meaningless word. Her latest release, Lovebird's Throat epitomizes the profound feelings behind her stories. Four tracks transmit intense emotion as the song sgradually proceed to the end. No matter what feeling it associates with sorrow, hope, fear, the emotive tale brings the listener to the deepest. You can give a listen to two of the sogns off the EP from her bandcamp site. 

Engel is currently working on a new album release which is scheduled to be unleashed in 2013. You can help her fund the album via Kapipal

to collapse in the fire isn't worth the pain 
she'll come and put me together again 
every time i cut off your head 
you grow another 

lovebirds mauled your hand 
when you reached into their cage 
tell me, what have you learned? 
the same fire fuels love and rage 
or some other sad cliche 

bloody roots of a flowering sky 
you can fry my third eye 
with your fingers of flame 
touch me, and dissolve my mind 
blue cascade of sound 
a simple bell 
the sea's singing bones 
your bloodied hand rests still 
upon the lovebird's throat

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