November 22, 2011

New Hands,'This I've Heard'

I love getting emails from artists and bands, with their music submissions to Music Psychos. From the very first word of the email, I build up the imagination of the person who is writing the email. It is as if I had a little present in front of me and I was unwrapping it slowly and opened it at the end. If you are in a band or make music, please feel free to contact me anytime. I try my best to ensure to get back to you shortly. 

Today, I received a very interesting email from a Hamilton based band, New Hands. What stuck me the most was their second line in the email saying, "We hate each other."- Really??? At first, I had a big question mark in my head, yet, as continued reading the email I could feel the love amongst the band members. They probably spend most of the time, making music together, not hesitating to share any of their musical taste. 

After forming in 2009, while most of the members graduated from high school and now they are ready to exit from their 10's (Really? wow), the electro rock quintet are marking the milestone by releasing their first single, 'This I've heard." The fun synth melodies strike instantly with the first listen, which is a reminiscent of LCD Soundsystem. It is hard to believe that these young guns can produce such mature sounds (by saying this, I sound very old, don't I?)  I guarantee you that it’s worthwhile to keep your eyes on this band. 

You can check two songs from the below link. Enjoy!

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