November 21, 2011

Howie D, Back To Me

I know lots of you folks are now into indie music. But what about ten years ago?-Everyone sort of  has 'a crush on pop artists' phase in our life, who occupy TV screens 24/7 in our youthful days:  No Doubt,  Spice Girls and  N'Sync, just to name a few from my generation. My pop artist crush was the boys group Backstreet Boys. I remember watching Japanese news, where they reported the arrival of BSB at the Narita Airport, where thousands of their Japanese fans awaited for the boys. I'd never thought to this day that I would actually meet one of the members from the group-Howie D.

I had a privilege to see Howie D at a private CD release party last week with a company that I work at, Lug- a lifestyle company, who specializes travel bags and accessories. His recent release, Back to Me, brought him back to Toronto, with a premiere of a music video, 'Lie to Me', which is not publicly available yet. This song embellishs his great vocal range- ( According to Bryen, Howie D has the highest vocal range among the boys which I strongly agree.)

I have to admit though, from the night, my favorite BSB boy has changed to Howie D from A.J and Nick. I was just working at the Lug booth, however, he stopped by at the booth and made sure to greet each one of us. He must have been exhausted from the long flight back from Tokyo to Toronto, working all day long and standing still at one spot with a big smile on his face, welcoming all his fans to take pictures with him over the hours.

I wanted to share with you all that you have a chance to win his CD and signed Lug bag. It is very easy to enter: All you have to do is to tell Lug why you want to win this signed bag (easy an breezy) and send it to The Deadline is November 30th. Good luck everyone!!!

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