October 15, 2010

OK GO @ phoenix on Oct 14th, Toronto part 4

When OK GO hit the stage, it was already at 11p.m. It'd been about 3 hours since I got to the venue. However, with the help from opening bands, Company of thieves and Summer Darling, I kept myself entertained and the entire time just felt like a second. It went by so fast.

They opened up their show with their old tunes including “Do what you want" and "Don't ask me", which I didn't expect them to play at all. It was really a good mix with their old beloved songs with new songs from their new album. I know all the songs from their 3 albums as they are one of my favorite bands. The lead singer, Damian kept saying that he should move to Canada, where it is more civilized. His witty jokes kept the audience entertained for between songs. 

They used a quite lot of confetti, which made the stage so colorful. They did the same at the last show in Toronto as well, but I still like it as it is very fun whenever it blew in the air! I wonder how much paper confetti that the members consume. 

What I like about the band is that the centre of the show is always the audience, not the member themselves. They kept entertaining us throughout the gig. They played a song with bells (click here to watch the video) and Damian also invited a fan to play the guitar with the band.

When they played “Get over it" to close the show before its encore, I just couldn't wish it would last forever, but realized that the show would be soon to be end. But it didn't entirely make me sad as I knew they would do something for the encore. 

Of course they did. They played three songs for the encore. When then came back to a stage, they were wearing a jacket, at the back, it was the flashy laser logo of “OK GO", which made me laugh so hard! While playing the first song, the laser beans spotlighting the audience! I was just wowed when the band came back to the stage. My mouth was completely opened for a while.

Before close the show, we sang “This too shall pass" they made us sing. Finally when we were so loud, Damian claimed that we just passed the Michigan level, which made the audience blast into laugh. 

"Let it go this too shall pass"- it echoed in the entire venue as we became one. It was a fantastic experience to be the part of the show. I hope I am in the photo that Damian took ( They take pictures of the audience each show and post them on Facebook so that the audience can "tag" themselves, and hopefully they put their phone number so that OK Go can be the first band who also offers the dating service.. hahahaha)

Nothing surpasses their creativity and I could say that they would be always the one to be the first. I would love to be in the loop of how OK GO will blow our mind in the future. 

I will make sure to keep you guys posted as well! but if you haven't seen them in live. You have to; otherwise, you are missing out for sure!! The band created a show tonight, which could be fully enjoyed from the beginning to the end, while brining amazing opening bands and also brought the best performance by them.  This is why I think it was the best show in 2010 that I have seen. 

Anyhow, after all the four posts in 2 hours of writing after the show, I am still somehow awake, and intoxicated with the feeling. I hope it won't disappear anytime soon. Good night people :) peace!!

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