October 15, 2010

OK GO, Company of thieves, and Summer Darling @ Pheonix on Oct 14th Part 3

Summer Darling - the opening band - successfully kept the audience entertained before Ok GO hit the stage. But it was the Chicago based band, Company of thieves, who took my breath away.

Even from when they were just setting up, I was instantly in love with the guitarist - who happened to be right in front of me. It wasn’t just his hipster look, (glasses, a plaid shirt with a light brown jacket, and messy beard and long hair) - it was definitely the guitar itself. I strangely found it very attractive- it has an old wooden look. I loved the guitar the moment I saw it. I took quite a few photos of just that.

Their petite vocalist completely blew my mind. She was a little girl who was wearing a shiny dress on the top of a casual T-shirt. She just looked so innocent and loveable as she was freaking out how many people were there to see their performance. 

But it was right when she was testing her microphone which completely changed my impression of her after all: very vigorous and enticing. It was nothing close from what I expected how she sounded like. Thus, my expectation for this band just hit right at the top and they didn't betray me at all. 

It must have been from the charismatic character of the singer. I literally couldn't take eyes off from her. She sounded and looked so lively that I just couldn't help thinking that she has such a gift. It is almost like seeing her as an actress on the stage. Her facial expression, gesture, and the voice, all of them together, I felt like she was telling us a story using a means called "Music" Whatever they played, it was like I knew all the songs as I was so into listening to them. Therefore, it almost felt awkward to fell such a familiarity when I first heard their songs. Furthermore, it was the singer's smile that made me even happier to be there. She was truly enjoying playing a show on the stage. I think she was the one who was having funs the most. 

In terms of their music wise, some songs were very jazzy songs, while others are very melodic. I was fond of the beats of their songs. 

Here are a couple of songs from the YouTube that I found. You know what I mean once you see the videos. Click here to also check out their music. They played one new song (though all of them were new to me as I didn't know them at all) which they just finished recording their second album. This means that their new material should be coming out very soon. It was the third time for them to be in Toronto. I would LOVE to see them again for sure with their new material!

This is what I said to Boris when Company of thieves finished their gig. I was so fulfilled with the performance of Summer Darling and Company of thieves that I actually would have been happy if OK Go did not play their show. This is how much I loved the performance of these opening bands!! I was so content with them! They made my day for sure. But you know what? OK GO of course performed and blew me away.

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