October 15, 2010

OK GO, Company of thieves, and Summer Darling @ Pheonix on Oct 14th Part 1

1:30 a.m on Friday morning...I finally arrive home. Didn't I leave my place at 7am this morning? It was indeed a long long day. But something is still keeping me awake- the excitement from tonight's experience. I have to say that tonight was the best show among all the shows that I have seen so far this year! 

It was tough to decide who to see as other great bands including Gorillaz and Bad Rebellions were also playing in town tonight. However, I am extremely content with the choice that I made. Their performance was even better than most of the bands that I saw at the summer music festivals. I wanted to write it down before the intoxication I felt from their show wears off. So here I sit, in my empty apartment,writing while I listen to the CDs purchased tonight.

I'd rather keep blog posts shorter as I have the inclination to go on and on. So I have decided that there would be two parts for the show review: one for the opening bands, the other is for the headliners - OK GO. I hope I can convey some of the shear awe I felt tongiht while reading these posts of mine.

As a quick sneak-peak, the below is the video that I recorded during the OK Go's show. Pay special attention to the awesome use of bells. A brilliant and novel idea!!

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