October 15, 2010

Reunited and it feels so good!

Has Duff McKagen come to reclaim his throne as the Bassist for Guns 'n' Roses?

That is a question going through many Londoner's minds after last night's show. Duff suprisingly made an unannounced appearance and wowed the audience with classics like "Nice Boys", Paradise City" & "You could be mine" (editor's note: one of my all time favourite G'n'R songs)

So is he back in the fold? We don't know yet - but I'll keep you posted.

As much as we want it; don't expect a full scale reunion. Axl and Slash have not made it a secret as to their differences. Axl has been quoted as saying: "One of the two of us will die before a reunion. However sad, ugly or unfortunate anyone views it, it is how it is."

On another note: Slash has revealed to Rollingstone.com in an artcile posted on October 12th 2010 that Velvet Revolver is playing together and are currently testing the waters with new singers.

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