October 15, 2010

OK GO, Company of thieves, and Summer Darling @ Pheonix on Oct 14th Part 2

I knew it would be worthwhile to be on time for the show to check out the opening bands due to my previous excellent experiences with OK GO's show back in April. (Click here to read the post about the show.) What amazing about this indie band is that they always bring the best opening bands.

So me and my friend Boris got to the venue just on time while sipping a cup of coffee. We were both very surprised by the number of people who were already in the line to get in. When we got in - we made our way to the left corner,  right next to the huge bass speaker… definitely not the smartest idea; but I wanted to be close to the stage, so I guess we had to pay in someway right?

We probably waited for 30 minutes, just chatting before the California born band Summer Darling hit the stage. They are a very ordinary indie band - probably all in their late in 20s. Their melodic guitar created a harmony with the vocals. It was very easy to listen to. The band members were certainly fun though – they wanted to play a drinking game with the audience. They decided that whenever the audience or the bands say "OK GO" people have to drink up. It indeed created a great atmosphere with the audience as they engaged them.

It wasn’t not only the music, but also the intensity of the performance that caught my eye. I loved how their guitarist was so into it. The atmospheric presence of the guitar allowed the vocals to soar. Most of the songs were really mellow – but I like that. There was one song which was more up-tempo though, and when they played it they had a guest - the bassist from the OK GO played guitar! Three guitars with bass and drums. It was quite fun to see them play together.

Overall, they are a perfect band to warm up the stage for main bands, while promoting their own music. They will be still opening up for a couple more OK GO shows and I got their EP after the show. So if you haven't check them out, please do so and stay tuned for my album review coming up yo!

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