May 31, 2012

The Rest: SEE SAW

It's been a hell of a long ride for Hamilton based rock band, The Rest to release this album, SEESAW. The band is finally ready to release the full-length album on June 19th. It started off with a loss of a beloved producer/ long-time friend, Dan Achen and a tragic incident resulting in the loss of the recording material from the hard drive. After an unbearable long wait for over a year to deliver what they have crafted, here it is, SEESAW an album filled with a fountain of flawless melodic waves. 

As I had a great opportunity to ask a few questions to the lead singer/guitarist, Adam Bentley last year (Click here to read the Q+A.), I was stoked to listen to the full album. It’s strange the title was actually made before we lost the album. I guess 'SEESAW' felt we needed some more reinforcement. - He had mentioned in the Q+A to explain one of the meanings of the album title, which is the up and downs of the writing, recording and mixing process. Whether or not you see this incident as coincidental or destiny, I hope you can feel the intricate meaning behind the album.  

The opening track of the album, Who Knows kicks off the album smoothly. - It enumerates the tempo of song with rhythmic drumbeats and guitar riffs and it leads to a booming carnival. Hey! For Horses escalates its pace drastically and walks through a percussive march towards the end of the song. While these alluring tunes, including Learning Yearning, set the tone of the album, slower tune, such as Could be Sleeping or The Lodger, easily fit into the album, provoking some profound thinking from its melodies and lyrics. 

My favorite song on the album is Always On My Mind. Bentley's emotion-provoking howls drift along with synthesized striking beats and march through toward the end with propounding cello and guitar strokes. The band recently shot a music video for this song with friends and family, joining the choir. I just love how every single sound in the song becomes one toward the end. Please have a listen. 

Despite the fact that this album, SEESAW, took so long to release, I want you to remember this is not the end of the story. In fact, It is just a beginning of a long music journey for such a creative band. You can listen some songs from the below link. 

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