December 6, 2011

Indie Rock Christmas tunes!

"I don't want a lot for Christmas..."- How many times did you hear Mariah Carry's hit Christmas track from TV and radio already? Tis the season, all the music you hear in the office or malls are all same'o, same'o. Doesn't it drive you crazy!?- It sure drives me crazy.

Here is a remedy for you! There are tons of christmas songs and covers by indie artists/bands which you haven't heard of.  I've put together a playlist just for you folks!!! Hope you like it.

1. Julian Casablancas- 'I wish it was Christmas'

The Stroke's front man, Julian Casablancas didn't forget to celebrate his solo debut with this song. I remember he closed his very first solo show at Kool Haus in Toronto 2 years ago with this song.

2. The White Stripes-Candy Cane Children 

One of the most striking and saddest breakups in 2011. The White Stripes has a plaintive holiday tune from their early release. I thought one of their finest tunes, 'Doorbell' was their Christmas tune until I discovered this song.

3. Yeah Yeah Yeah,-'All I want for Christmas'

When I was putting together this list, Nick, told me to put this one on the list, so I did.

4. The Raveonettes-'Christmas, (Baby Please Come Home)

The Danish surf rock duo, the Reveonettes have created an alternate cover of this song

5. She &Him-'Christmas Waltz'

Zooey Dechenel has been very hectic with directing and acting in her new TV drama, New Girl.' That's not only thing that she is occupied with. The actress/singer has released a Christmas cover album with her band, She & Him.

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