December 12, 2011

Indie Christmas tune III

Indie Christmas tunes I and II have been exceptionally popular thanks to all of ya! I have a couple more that I wanted to share. Ones that you've probably haven't heard of.

1. The Films - It's Christmas (What's the Difference)

The Films are an indie rock band from Charleston, SC, who I have adored since the release of their second album, 'Oh, Scorpion.' The physical copy of the album is not even available in Canada, but I scored mine in Japan two years ago. The band is now on a long hiatus due to their individual side projects. The lead singer, Michael Talent has been actively pursuing his solo career as well as his new project with Cary Ann Hearst, called Shovels and Ropes. The bassist,  Jake Sinclair has been with Butch Walker for the past few years, focusing on his producing career and playing bass with the artist. I am not 100% sure about the band's future, but whatever comes out from these young folks is something that you should keep your eyes on, especially with Trent and Sinclair.

They put together a song in 2008 and a confession to a girl that he's dating.

2. hue-In December

I know, we need something more local, right? Here is a perfect Christmas song that you can even download for free. Toronto indie pop rock band, Hue, released a new song via their Bandpage on Facebook. You can score your copy by clicking here. This song is a classic Hue sing-along tune that you wanna know before their holiday show on December 15th at Rancho. Click here for more details.

3. Paper Lions - Jingle Bell

I just had an awesome time interviewing Paper Lions over the weekend before their holiday show at El Mocambo with the Love Machine and The Elwins. While I work on the reviews, some great pictures and videos, you can check out this 'spooky' holiday carol.

Or you can enjoy the Christmas carols sang at the end of the awesome holiday show from last Saturday with Paper Lions, the Elwins, The Love Machine and their fellow Toronto musicians. See how many people that you can spot from the video!

I hope you all enjoyed the little holiday song coverage! Let me know if you know any awesome holiday songs! We got a few more weeks to enjoy the holiday spirit!

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