December 7, 2011

Indie Rock Christmas Tune Part II

As I had some good feedback on the Indie rock Christmas tunes, let's continue with more Christmas tunes!!!

6. Great Lake Swimmers-'Song for the Angels'

Different in comparison to other Christmas songs, this beautiful folk duo have this beautiful tune, 'Song for the Angels.' The remarkable hauling of the vocal and acoustic guitar reminds me of a quiet morning in the winter. This song can definitely be a holiday tune, right?

7. Butch Walker-'Last Christmas'

I have to squeeze in my favorite singer songwriter's Christmas cover on my playlist. Butch Walker produced and collaborated with a Japanese actor, Yuji Oda back in 2004, when he visited Japan for the first time to open for Avril Lavigne. Last Christmas is my favorite holiday song by far and Walker's cover just completes the song. (I of course like the original version by Wham!)

8. Foxy Shazam-' Heaven On their Minds'

This song is completely different from the rest of the songs on the list.- The loudest one of all. Last year, Foxy Shazam participated in a complication album, Gift Wrapped. The Cincinnati rock stars covered' Heaven On their Minds'

9. Weezer- 'The First Noel'

Who thought this holly Christmas carol can be so Weezerized!

They also have an original Christmas tune, called 'Christmas Song' It was included in the B-side of the Green Album. (Apparently the B-side is only available in Japan)

10. Arcade Fire- A Very Arcade Xmas

At last, but not least, Arcade Fire also have an awesome Christmas tune, called A Very Arcade Xmas. This is kind of a joke by the Monteral collective, but I like it as it is.

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