April 1, 2011

Brett Caswell & the Marquee Rose, Junofest March 25th 2011

We’ve all been told “Don't judge a book by its cover.” a million times,  and I am not the exception. I was guilty of it yet again at the Garrison on March 25th, 2011.

I went to the show ready to just wind down and listen to a few songs at the end of a long 16 hour day of work and blog reviews. The Darcys and Whale tooth delivered the goods I expected.  Quite satisfied with the night, I didn’t have any good reason to stay for the last band, Brett Caswell and the Marquee Rose, especially as my exhaustion was catching up to me.  Somehow I mustered up the energy to convince myself to stay for the first few songs of the last band’s set I figured it wouldn’t hurt to stay another 15 minutes.

My friend and I stood watching the six-man band set up on while I battled sleep deprivation.  Three horn players joined them making for a tightly packed stage.  I was thinking, “Oh great, just what we need, another Broken Social Scene” just as my friend said it aloud.  We stood waiting eagerly to see what sound they would bring. 

The skill level each member brought to the group was phenomenal.  I couldn’t take my eyes off the stage or stop myself from bobbing my head to their friendly yet strong tunes. Brett Caswell & the Marquee Rose brought energy and musicality to the stage.  Mostly, it was wonderful and uplifting to see the band members exchanging smiles and really having a blast up there.  The positive energy was infectious and had the audience bouncing around happily.  The band had terrific control over the audience.  It was as if we all had been given a sneak peek of them jamming out in their zone; intimate and just so much fun! They had the crowd involvement with their song “ L.O.V.E” that had parts to sing along to.  Everyone around me was fully participating and enjoying the performance. 

What's great about having a local band like them, is that they play a lot of local shows. So don't worry if you have missed this one. Brett Caswell & The Marquee Rose will be performing Sundays from April 3rd for three weeks at the Piston. More information, check out their official Myspace page

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