March 31, 2011

Arctic Monkeys announced the release of a new single

HumbugHow many people have actually scored the tickets to go to see Arctic Monkeys in Toronto on May 21st at Kool Haus? I heard the tickets were immediately sold out. Don't worry folks. I have more news from the band to cheer you up. According to the official website,  they will release a new single, "Don't sit down, 'Cause I've moved Your Chair' " ( What an amazing title!!!) from their new album, "Suck it and See", which is set to be released on June 6th, via Domino. The digital form of the single is going to be released on April 11th at midnight and an exclusive white label 7' will be available on April 16th in independent record outlets, in order to support the Record day. I can't wait to hear any bits of the new release.

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