April 3, 2011

Black Lips releasing a new album, "Arabia Mountain" with Mark Ronson

According to NWE, the Atlanta pop rock band, Black Lips is set to release a new album, "Arabia Mountain" on June 6th, via Vice record. This is a very first album for the band to have a producer. Guess who he is?- Mark Ronson,  it is safe to say he is one of today's best producers in the world. Some of his tremendous works are with Duran Duran, Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Kaiser Chiefs, and much more. His DJ background definetely brings a high energy and more hooks to songs that he produces  I espeiclly loves his remixes including the video below.

Lily Allen "Oh My God" (Kaiser Chiefs' song)

I'm very curious to see how the garage band's sounds will turn out in the new album with the Ronson's magic hands. Stay tuned...

Black Lips is performing on April 16th, Saturday in Toronto at the Phoenix.

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