July 8, 2010

Marcus Walker Live show on July 9th @Graffitti's

Toronto is a fantastic city to enjoy music. Lot of music festivals are held here throughout a year, including NXNE, Toronto Jazz festival, CMW, and other countless local festivals, which features local musicians. But what I also have found is the fact that a lots of great artists/bands are underrated. It doesn't have to be the mainstream to embrace music, right? It doesn't also need to be always associated with $$ either.

So I have decided that from now on, I would like to focus more on the Toronto indie bands and shows in Toronto. Of course I will keep writing my random "stuck tune syndrome" posts.  As you may have noticed from the last couple of posts, I will try my best to let you guys know who are these amazing artists/bands will be playing in Toronto, so that you will not miss it! Stay tuned with music psychos!

It is unfortunately that I cannot make it to the show,( I have a primary engagement tomorrow,,,)however, if you got a night off tomorrow, Friday of July 9th, and wondering what to do or where to go, I got a great suggestion for you!! Marcus Walker, a Toronto singer-songwriter, is playing a show at Graffitti's in the Kensington market.

He has been performing over 15 years ( 15 years!!!! Think about it I was only 10 years old when he first  started playing shows!! WOW ), and starting off shows with a couple of new songs after one year break. His music is very chilled and groovy! My favorites are " The Hollow Tree" and "October". It is perfect for a day like these days, when it is smoking hot outside and all you wanna do is to chill in a patio with a beer.( ummm, nom nom nom,,) Especially it is perfect to spend a Friday night with a great music in the beloved kensington market. I love the place! So why not to check out the show right?

Here is a sneak-peak for his performance on YouTube

You can check out more details about the show from Facebook

and here is his My Space site


I am definitely planning to check his future shows. so Marcus! keep me posted, OK?

note: all the copy rights for the pic and video on this post are from Marcus Walker.

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