July 12, 2010


Happy Monday everyone! What’s UP!? 

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend - I had a quite interesting weekend. Starting off with a sad note, my beloved Mp3 player - which probably had 8 GB of amazing music - died on me on Friday. Rest in peace, you’ve been a great friend. I got a new one right away and right now I am trying to put as much music as possible, but I’m having a problem with iTunes… just one problem after another it seems L

On a happy note, the weather in Toronto was amazing! I spent lots of time with my friends over the weekend and needless to say; I had a blast.  I just found out that one of my friends has an AMAZING roof top on her apartment, so I guess I will be dropping by more often for swimming and chilling at the roof J

All weekend fun aside; I have a big announcement to make today. This is gonna be a positive change and I am really looking forward to it.

As of today, my blog Music Psychos will be a group blog, which means that I will have other people contributing to the blog posts. With that said; I’d like to introduce you to my friend – and Music Psychos’ newest contributor – Bryen Shi.

In addition to being one of Music Psychos very first readers, Bryen is also the lead guitarist and vocalist of the band Jagged Black Desire. I’ll pass the post over to Bryen so he can tell you a little about himself:

Hello world! Glad to meet you!

Kanae and I have some pretty similar music taste – but when it comes to some bands we are complete opposites! So here at Music Psychos, I’ll be covering some things that you’ll be used to and some things that you may not have found here before!

I’m also glad to announce that we will begin to offer FREE mp3 downloads of some of our favorite underground artists! As Kanae had previously mentioned; I am in a band - so don’t be too surprised to find me doing the occasional round of shameless, self promoting!

Back to you Kanae!

Also, you may have noticed the recent change in the context of this blog. I am going to focus more on Toronto Indie Artists and bands, as well as shows in Toronto – this includes live show reviews, EP reviews, and Artist interviews.

If you are interested in having us to feature your band and music, feel free to send an email to: musicpsychos@gmail.com

I am extremely excited about these changes and hope you are, too!

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