March 31, 2014

Warpaint on Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 at the Danforth Music Hall

LA based all-girl band, Warpaint paid a visit to Toronto on Tuesday, March 25th at the Danforth Music Hall during their North American tour with Wales singer songwriter, Cate Le Bon. I was dying to see them live after my friend, Bryan introduced me to them a few weeks ago and we missed their show at SXSW. They delivered a compulsive yet dreamy performance, which was beyond my expectations.

They kicked off their set with a tune from their latest self-titled album released in January, Feeling Alright. The quartet cohesively pulled the strings of ambient melodies, which mesmerized the audience instantly from the very first tune they dropped on the stage. They've mixed new tunes with their good oldie songs. A singe off of the new record, Love Is to Die, emitted plaintive yet divine verses, which I appreciated every of bit of the danceable beats. 

My favorite moment of the show was when they performed Billie Holiday, a soft tune composed of four majestic harmonies generated by the girls. I found myself immersed in the world of Warpaint where I couldn't help but sway along with the melodic wave. 

My eyes and ears were pleased, yet it wasn't the end of their performance climax. As their encore, the quartet performed one of the fans favorite tunes off their initial record, Elephant. Starting with captivating guitar riffs followed by aesthetic vocal of Emily Kokal, the song led the audience to the five minute (or even longer) of the mind-blowing jamming session. It reminded me that music is something we don't only use our ears to listen. It is something we feel with all five senses, in-taking every bit of visual, scent, texture verse and taste in the moment.

The jam kept cultivating my curiosity so long that I wish it lasted forever. I went home from the show and the first thing I did was to turn on my record to listen to the newly purchased vinyl at the show. When I closed my eyes, I had vivid fresh back of these four girls rocking the shit out that I hadn't felt it for a very long time

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