August 1, 2012

Air Marshal Landing: Me and My Friend

It's been just after a month since Uxbridge pop rock trio, Air Marshal Landing released their latest EP, Vitamins.  However, the band is already sharing another's sneak-peek of their first full-length album, which is set to be unveiled in the fall or 2012. A new single, Me and My Friend is now available via the band website or Bandcamp.

This new single, Me and My Friend deploys their ability to immerse themselves in different sounds. This song differentiates itself from tunes from Vitamins with synth enhanced dark pop tune, which highlights beguiling guitar riffs. Once it hits the verse between chorus, whistles and guitar jams 

You can catch their live act on Thurday, August 2nd at the Clinton with Modernboys Moderngirls for their single release party!

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