July 31, 2012

Blue Control Love A Rondo

Instrumental music is hit and miss compared to songs with lyrics. I sometimes find myself disconnected with some of the instrumental music due to the lack of memorable grips and no lyrics to guide me through the tune. Other times, it can be the best kind of music as I dig it until my ears get all red after wearing a headphone the flamboyant music can speak for itself. 

Lehigh Valley, PA based instrumental duo, Blue Control is definitely the latter. Consisting of the pianist, Lea Cho and guitarist, Russ Warehouse, the duo speak their language through the keys. Banging on the piano and maneuvering resonant guitar riffs,  Blue Control take control of experimental jazz infused music in their latest release, Valley Tangents via Drag City. 

The first single off the album, Love A Rondo is in my playlist right now. The metronome tik-tak rhythm climbs up and down the synth ladder. Then the cheeky piano solo joins the melodic march, walking through the intriguing music notes. The dancer in a mask in the video also enhances each verse with his stalker dance moves. 

Blue Control is in town today to showcase their electrifying tune at the Shop at Parts & Labour

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