July 19, 2012


It is very interesting to see where each of my blog post takes me to. - Some posts bring me a surprise response from the artists that I write about, spreading the post to their fans. Others create a bridge over to another connection of artists that I haven't heard of. This one was the latter case.

The recent post of AroarA's new release brought me to this stellar music, which took my breath away with their aesthetic tunes. Organos’ sophomore effort, Concha. Organos is a solo project of North Carolina based singer songwriter, Maria Albani. After over a decade of playing out of the spotlight as a bassist in several bands, Albani at last initiated her new project by herself in 2010. She strives to achieve the natural process of music crafting and embracing anything that occurs in the process.

One of the songs off the album, Side Girl was remixed by AroarA. Now you can see the chain of events, right? This remix captures the hook of the song with enhanced synth beats. I've replayed it so many times at work today. My neighbor probably heard me tapping my toes along with the rhythmic beats.

Albani's friendship with Broken Social Scene's Andrew Whiteman started when she first moved to Toronto for a while, which also brought her a number of connections for this album release. Julian Brown of Apostle of Hustle joined her in Lit Up Rooms and the music video of Same Eyes was crafted by New York visual artist, Jerstin Crosby. It looks like I'm not the only one who is attracted by her musicianship. 

Enticed by various percussion including handclaps and bells, the compilation of eight songs reminded me of Buddhist chanting as both build up the momentum of the songs quietly and gradually, however, they leave a significant impression. Albani's husky vocal and peculiar yet captivating bass line pull me into her world and hit me deep down. I really hope that she will make her way back to Toronto to showcase her new album with her fellow musicians. You can check out on her music on Bandcamp site. 

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