April 16, 2012

Download Cuff the Duke's Cover Album, In Our Time

Toronto folk rock sensation, Cuff the Duke are ready to conqure the American land with the release of their latest album, Morning Comes. As a brief introduction to the band, the quartet is currently offering a free covers album, In our time via Filter Magazine. They've covered various genres from Dum Dum Girls to John Lenon and all the songs are coloured by their signature melodic folk tunes. You can grab your copy from here.

The track list is:
'Cold Blooded Old Times'- SMOG's
'Smothered in Hugs'- Guided By Voices
'Always Looking'- Dum Dum Girls
'I Hear You Calling'- Billy Fay
'Instant Karma'- John Lenon
'The Diamond Sea'-Sonic Youth

Don't forget to check out their latest album, Morning Comes. Here is a music video of 'Standing on the Edge' from the album. Enjoy.

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