March 21, 2012

SXSW summary

My very first time at SXSW was absolutely overwhelming, yet incredible. I witnessed a number of great bands and met some great new bands. I hope that around the same time next year, I will be hopping between venues for awesome music in Austin.

Here is the list of artists that I saw between Thursday, March 15th to Saturday march 17th with a short description of the show.
Thursday March 15th

Ben Caplan and the Casual Smoker (Nova Scotia, Canada)
His signature beard and hauling voices definitely wowed the southern crowds

The Elwins (Toronto, Canada)
Their acoustic set on the patio was like a little secret nest in the Canada!

Doldrums (Montreal, Canada)
Their drum beats electrified me to dance!

Trust (Toronto, Canada)
This project shouldn't be only recognized as a side project of Austra.

Gossip (Olympia, DC)
Nothing is better than free drinks on parking lots under the sun with groovy tunes.

Dry the River (London, UK)
Their seamless melodies melt my heart

Girls (San Francisco, CL)
Their brisk melodies smoothly took over the outside venue.

Kaiser Chiefs (Leeds, UK)
It was a hit parade of their masterpieces.

Friday, March 16th

The Pierces (New York, NY)
Barbie-looking sisters allured the audience with 60's folk rock tunes.

The Balconies (Toronto, Canada)
Their vigorous performance heated up the hot Austin more.

Ed Sheeran (Halifax, UK)
A boy with an acoustic guitar= eargasm

Of Monsters and Men (Reykjavík ,Iceland)
They showcased their ability to craft more authentic folk tunes rather than, the " Hey! song", Little Talks.

Delta Spirit (San Diego, CA)
It was the alternative form of southern country rock.

fun. (New York, NY)
Orchestraic pop rockers achieved the climax of the night without any technical difficulties this time.

The Drums (New York, NY)
The front man demonstrated bold dance moves with catchy lolipop tunes.

Saturday March 17th
U.S Royalty (Wasington D.C)
The soaring harmonies intensified their lingering verses.

Superhumanoids (Los Angels, CA)
Their electronic new wave sounded revolutionary

Lovedrug (Canton, OH)
Isn't it disappointing when a band sounds way better in recording materials after waiting for 3 years to see?

Imaginary Cities (Winnipeg, Canada)
Canadian hummingbird's strong voice echoed through the venue.

Plants and Animals (Montreal, Canada)
They emitted such a positive chemistry among members. I could sense that they truly enjoyed playing music together.

Ed Sheeran (Halifax, UK)
Second time during SXSW to see him. Regret? Hell no.

Dragonnette (Toronto, Canada)
the Hello song was created by a Toronto band? I had no idea!

Timberland(Norfolk, VA)
The Amount of songs I actually knew took me by suprise.

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