March 4, 2012

The Darcys at The Phoenix Theatre on March 1st

It's been almost a year since I was mesmerized by a mind-blowing performance by Toronto art rock band, The Darcys at the Garrison during JUNO festival. Two albums later, I finally had another chance to witness their magical stage performance at the Phoenix on March 1st with Bombay Bicycle Club. 

As it was an all ages show, the venue was filled out with energetic teens who were dying to witness BBC's frenzied performance. It might have been hard for some to digest what The Darcys bought onto the stage as both bands pursue different musical paths. But I hope that experiencing what the Darcys carefully crafted on the stage was eye-opening for some of them. Jason Couse's lively vocal always grabs emotions out of my chest. My eyes are glued to the Mike Le Riche''s detailed guitar solo. 

After showcasing only 5 songs, the band stepped down from the stage. It was refreshing to see  their performance with such a crowded audience. However, I miss their hour long or even 45 mins set full of their surprior musicianship. After the show, the final song of their performance, Edmonton To Purgatory was echoing in my ears, while having flash back memories of the Garrison performance.

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