January 18, 2012

Plants and Animals cover Wolf Parade's I'll Believe in Anything

It's been over a year since Montreal-based pop rock band, Wolf Parade went on a hiatus. One of their hit songs,I'll believe in Anything was revived by a fellow Montrealers, Plants and Animals. The band released the cover of the song, performed during POP Montreal today.

It leaves a different impression on the listeners, compared with Spencer Krug's distinctive voice, which fluctuates between pitches, leaving a strong sway. On the other hand, the escalation toward the end with aggressive guitar riffs crafted by the trio is more easy on to digest.Whichever you prefer, it is interesting how the same song can provoke a different response.

They've also announced a new spring tour to support their upcoming album, The End of That via Secret City Records. The Toronto date is April 21st at Lee's Palace as the tour final. 

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