January 18, 2012

The Danger Bees, Good Year

Tonight is my first night of 2012 in alone with my cat and it couldn't have been more exciting than this as receiving a confirmation for an interview for Yamataka//Sonic Titan today (Booya!!!) and a few music submissions that I am digging right now.

I was doing some homework for tomorrow's in-person interview with Vancouver pop rock band, Beekeeper. I have tons of goodies about this band that I would love to share with you folks, yet let's put it aside for now until the weekend.

Tomorrow, Janurary 19th, Beekeeper are playing a gig at Sneaky Dees with the Danger Bees and  Convoy. (click here for the details for the show) What I wanted to introduce you to was Toronto-based  pop band from Nova Scotia, the Danger Bees. I've already listened to their single from the debut album, 'Good Year' 5-6 times on repeat.  The infectious melodic hook of the chorus is the ingredient for stuck tune syndrome.

Here is the acoustic version of the song by Ed Kramer and David Macmichael in an icy cold weather at the Waterfront in downtown Vancouver via Fistfull  of Sound. Enjoy and don't forget to join me Tomorrow for an awesome show with three talented bands.

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