June 11, 2011

NXNE:June 13-19th: Kanae's Artist Pick:The Driftwood Singers

Let's continue with Kanae's Artist Pick, as NXNE is just around the corner.

Not all of us can party every night and sleep in until noon the next day during the NXNE. If you are looking for something more calming and chilling to listen to, rather than standing on your feet and making noise for long hours at a time, then it would be best to check out some venues like 'The Central' or Gladstone Hotel Ballroom with a glass of wine in your hands. There is one band in particular that I recommend for you to check out: The Driftwood Singers.

This California Folk duo crafts dedicated harmonies with a vibe reminiscent of the Carter family. The heart-warming tracks from their latest album, "Look",(You can stream the album via Bandcamp), mirror their strong 50s-60s bluegrass influence and the simplicity of the beauty from those eras.

The Driftwood Singers will perform at the Central on June 17th, at 9 p.m.

Here is the video of their tune, called " Coco Ellis". Enjoy, and don't forget to stay tuned with all the coverage of NXNE. I have some surprises for you coming up soon next week.

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