June 9, 2011

NXNE:June 13-19th: Kanae's Artist Pick: Pick A Piper

As band performances start from June 15th, Wednesday, ( By the way, film screenings start from June 13th), you wanna party from the very first day, right?  I've found a perfect band for you to entertain your first night at NXNE : Pick A Piper. This band will bring you crazy energetic beats and fume a fire in you. 

Pick a Piper is a Toronto based collective, which has recruited a member of Caribu, Tenth of May, and a post member of Winter Equinox. It is indeed great o be in the city of amazing local musicians, which enables them to create another talented super group. 

Due to the band's trademark's fun percussion and instrumental tunes, the quintet has received wonderful credits from different media outlet, including the Exclaim! magazine: " Their entirely danceable CMW show combined spooky psychedelia and fanfare undertones with the instrumental complexity that had people crammed into every nook of Rancho Relaxo to watch rock adopt a smart, electro mentality." It's definitely worth giving a shot for this band! 

Pick A Piper will be performing on June 15th, at the Garrison (1a.m)

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