May 31, 2011

Opopo with Honhee Honhee at Rancho Relaxo

The Toronto electro rock band, Opopo delivered a powerful stage performance on May 28th, at Rancho Relaxo with the Spoofs and Honhee Honhee.

First up was the Montreal pop rock group, Honhee Honhee, who lost their 'Toronto virginity' on that night. " Please excuse our enthusiasm!"- exclaimed the lead singer, Stefan Fudakowski-Gowsinger, excitedly. The quintet seemed joyful to perform their very first Toronto show with the welcoming audience, whose eyes were widely opened with curiosity. Their up-tempo tunes with orchestral chorus reminded me of Arcade Fire (in a good way, of course). A chain of impressive guitar riffs and their energies on the stage stole my heart. The fun performance reached its climax with the final song, " We Only Go", while the band members screamed from the top of their lungs,  counting " 1. 2. 3. 4!" I seriously regretted that I didn't go up and talk to the band so I could grab their CD. But they will be back in town for NXNE, June 18th at El Mocambo. Please save one CD for me!!!

After that, all the lights on the stage were turned off , and the Opopo then showed up in the dark with the the light radiating right from their own T-shirts. To be honest, I was very confused when the duo showed up on the stage, as I believed they were a 4-piece band. Instead, there was a duo on the stage with a single guitar, synthesizer, and drum set. Their music was considerably grungier than what I've heard from their record, which involves more electro-styled music. However, these changes did little to dampen the fun of the night, as the driving beats didn't stop the crowd from dancing.  In addition, it was very sweet of them to sing a random 'Happy Birthday' song as a present to one of their friends. 

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