April 27, 2011

Matters, "Get in or Get out"

Get In Or Get Out 7"I was heartbroken when I heard a rumor about the Toronto rock band D'urbervilles' breakup. The band posted on their website a single sentence, "D'bervilles is dead."  I strongly believed that the success of the front man John's O'Regan's solo project - Diamond Rings - had something to do with the breakup. I felt like someone punched a hole in my heart. Hated for Diamond Rings grew in it's place. 

However - as many of you might know already - the quartet has not disbanded. Instead they have decided to change their band name to have a fresh start. Their new moniker is 'Matters". They have posted a few new songs on their official website. The first single, "Get In or Get out" is one of my recent endless repeats.  O'Regan's (or Diamond Rings') trademark's techno-driven hooks successfully mingle with fast-tempo punk-ish melody which makes you bang your head. I would highly recommend it to even those of who are not big fans of his Diamond Rings materials. Just give it a try.

Here is a video of the first single "Get in Or Get out. Enjoy!!!

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