April 27, 2011


Let's do some fun math. (I said fun! Don't go sighing now!) Here is a fun equation that I've invented today.

Two Door Cinema Club's uplifting hooks + Arcade Fire's orchestral pop tunes + Death Cab for Cutie's superior song writing = "hue".

"HUE??" I'm sure that question must pop up on your mind. Hue is a indie pop rock quintet from London, Ontario. They have been touring in Ontario and making music in the last few years. Now they are finally set to release a new album this year.

hue's music consists of  frantic and fast paced happy tunes, which makes you want to dance and jump around. If you are into indie pop bands such as Tokyo Police Club, or Bang! - then they are definitely your cup of tea.

 The Bump by hearhue

The band claimed that it is hard to describe the genre of the hue's music and I strongly agree - their music has various influences from a variety of different genres. 

Genre issues aside; what I am certain of is that with the dramatic energy in songs like "You Will be the One",  I definitely want to see them live!

 You Will Be The One by hearhue

hue may be fairly new to the game. Yet, make sure to keep eyes on this band and new record as they are not just another indie band. Click here to check out their Facebook page for more details and updates!

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