November 22, 2010

Kanae's pick :Best Cover songs-part 2

Let's continue with the ranking the best cover songs.

Top 3 : Mark Ronson - Just

Everyone covers Radiohead. The English band is everyone's favorite.  This is one of the best I've heard.

The tone of "Just", dark and accusatory by Radiohead, can be jazzy and funky when handled by Mark Ronson featuring Phantom Planet.

Top 2: The White Stripes- Jolene

The 70's hit song by Dolly Parton, Jolene, is transformed into something so different when in Jack White's hands.

You can even feel the despairing grudge against Jolene when Jack White sings this tune. I just LOVE the energy that he puts in the song. Single tear.

Top 1: Maximo Park- Just Dance

This is by far my favorite of all cover songs. I can't stop listening to the song since the first time my E.T. played it.

Lady Gaga's first hit song- Just Dance, as played by Brit rock ensemble Maximo Park, is a refreshing take on the popular dance song. I love the chorus in this one. Recognizable and yet stylistically different, taking the essence of the song and pulling us in a different direction. Just as any good cover should.

So did you enjoy Kanae's top 5 of the best cover song?  Please feel free to comment and give me your list of favorite cover songs!

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