October 1, 2010

Escalate! Video posted on Dailymotion and a sneak-peak of our little secret!

Other BrothersHappy Friday everyone! What is up and up? I am going to a Karaoke with Bryen and other friends tonight. So excited! It is pretty Asian of me though, isn’t it? 

Our beloved Torontonian instrumental nu-jazz band, Escalate! have been featured in a video from on Dailymotion. Click here to check out the video. They are playing two songs in the video. One is "Foreign one " and the other is "Beat is Murder" ( I just LOVE the names of songs by them!!!) If you haven't checked my blog about how amazing they are, click here!! 

A little bit of sneak-peak of what is coming up in next week. We had something excited done this week and will be posted (hopefully!!) next week!!! I and Bryen had an interview with the amazing members of Escalate! on Tuesday, so don't forget to stay tuned for updates!

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