September 25, 2010

Guilty pleasure? or did we come to the end?

Before reading this post any further, please watch the video below.

Sycamore Meadows I started thinking of this after reading a blog post by my favorite producer/artist, Butch Walker.(Click here to read his post.) He is such an amazing pop producer and it is very painful to read his blog because he is takes much of the blame on his shoulders for the problems in the music industry today. However, it is indeed a very sad truth that mainstream music has come to it's end. Only 4 chords were used for all these songs. As stated in this blog, the few amazing artists out there are underrated because they are not "catchy enough." to make $$$. I must confess that some songs from the top 20 stuck my head so many times and I totally agree with Butch that it is almost like a guilty pleasure to listen to these songs. I feel like a hipster in that sense. But seriously, what have we done to the music industry?

This is why I have to engage in writing more on these amazing artists from Toronto, who play and compose real music. The few ones left in this declining industry.

This video is very interesting as well if you haven't seen it. It is "4 chords" by Axis of Awesome.

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