August 31, 2010

Ra Ra Riot - Secret show at the Mod Club on Aug 30th

I selfishly invited myself along to a Ra Ra Riot’s secret last night. My friend Martin was kind enough to share his spare ticket with me. (I kinda insisted that I have to go! Thanks Martin!) Ra Ra Riot just released their second album; “The Orchard” - this show was for Toronto fans that purchased it at record stores. I have listened to the new record prior to the show. Their first album was full of catchy songs - the second album sounded a little mellower. I think it will grow on me after listening to a couple of times. 

After 15 minutes of delay, the band finally opened up the gig with songs from a new album. What I found very interesting about this band was that I was so attracted by both violinist and cellist. When I go to shows, I tend to pay more attention to the lead singer or the drummer, following them with my eyes wherever they go. However, for this band, I couldn't take my eyes off from violinist and cellist. It wasn't just because they were extremely hot, but also they added extra spice to the taste of the show - very melodic atmosphere on the stage was created by these two players. 

Despite the interesting tones created by both typical rock instruments and the atypical classical instruments; I have to say, the first half of the performance was very dragging. I was checking the clock several times to see if the tic of the clock has even made a big movement. I think what caused it was the lack of great tunes from the second album. They did not mix songs between two albums and they played lots of songs from the second album, which contain more mellow songs. The lead singer even mentioned that the Torontonian crowed is very attentive, focusing on every details during the show. 

The Second half of the show was very enjoyable despite the disappointing of the first half. They added more rhythmical tunes from the first album-which were more familiar to my ears and kept me dancing throughout the second half of the show. Overall though, the performance was very attention grabbing and fun to watch to study the every moment that they created on the stage. However, it would be great to see if they have more songs that keep the audience entertained for the entire show.

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