September 4, 2009

V-fest: the best performance: Mutemath

Last weekend was amazing. It was certainly the best weekend to end my summer break for sure. From Thursday-Sunday, it was all about friends and music. I had a chance to see Blue Rodeo. They are a Canadian band and well-known throughout any generations. My friends told me that they have grown up with the music. Without saying it, as I've grown up in Japan, I had no idea who they are, but guessing it would probably like "Kaien tai" (A Japanese band that everybody in japan know) I loved the show and the fact that there were so many families, dad, mom, sons and daughters are all happily together and singing their songs. it was such a pleasant moment.

on Friday, I went to this event called, " Fake Prom" I got invited from my friends and yeah, it was so much fan. Again, I've never been to Prom. I don't say I missed mine, coz we don't have "prom" In japan. but yeah, it was awesome. I ended up being wasted and when I woke up, all I remembered was 1. I had such a good time, 2. somehow I got back to my friends place ( Thank you so much for taking care of me !love ya!) 3. I fell down somewhere (don't even remember) and hit my butt LoL it hurt so much and yeah till a few days ago, I was suffering from the pain. But it was such a good night.

so on the weekend, I went to V-fest, one of the biggest outside shows in Toronto. This year, they happened to change the location in the last mins. It supposed to be at a park in Barrie, however, they moved it to the Molson Amphitheatre. i wasn't sure how it would work, but it was actually better than being in a park for a whole day, standing and waiting for bands to play.

So I decided to write about it of course. yet, I wanna make several postings in order to talk more about the festival. I will be writing 3-4 postings in a couple of days and I'll be talking and introducing the band. Cool?

so I gotta say that the best performance throughout 2 days was, MUTEMATH. It is not only because I like their songs so much, but their live performance is one of the best and craziest ones that I've ever seen. Although I didn't get a chance to check out a lot of shows in the last few years, I do go to see different bands. Yet, I have to say Mutemath ROCKS.

Especially the drummer, Darren, he is totally gifted. The way he drums is crazy. he doesn't need to play a drum, if he has a drum stick, anything can be a drum. I guess you just have to experience how it's like @ the show. so I have posted a very good video.

Their songs are, needless to say, very catchy and good, even when the song is instrumental. before seeing their show, my expectation toward the band was as like watching the Killer when they first came out and became famous. But it is nothing like the Killer. honestly, Mutemath is million times better. I don't mind flying to somewhere to see mutemath. that's how awesome they are! it was like a masic!!!

so here is the video. Enjoy! I'll be talking about the Rural Alberta Advantage in the next posting since I got to see them very very Close, so with the video that I took and of course pictures, there have to be a posting about them.


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