August 26, 2009

Jason Mraz

Again, a week passed by from the last posting. I'm just so amazed by the fact that how fast time goes by. I only have 2 weeks before my new semester starts. It's gonna be an interesting semester for sure. But again, my philosophy is " work hard, study hard, and play harder!" so I'll be still checking out more shows and new bands in this fall. I'm planning to see the Sounds in the Sep and V-fest on this weekend. I can't wait to see The Rural Alberta Advantage again as well as Franz Ferdinand.

Anyhow, I went to see the Jason Mraz's show on last Saturday. umm, oh wait 2 weeks ago from now ( Geez, again told you how fast time goes by..) I went there with a bunch of my friends. I think I was the biggest fan of Jason Mraz among us. I just love him so much. A lot of people told me that when it comes to his songs, it all sounds like cheesy love songs. I guess it is because his newest songs, including " I'm your" and "Lucky". they are indeed beautiful songs. But i love him not only these songs, but also other songs like "Life is beautiful" "Details in a fabric" which has more deeper themes and very dark.

Anyways, I don't remember anything about the opening bands. All I remember is the bassist from the second band was Amazing! omg! he was pretty good despite the fact that the singer wasn't anything new and all the songs sounded the same. During one song, he was playing the bass at first and switched to different instrument and did his solo. it was amazing.

Jason mraz's show was amazing. What I love about him during the show was the arrange of songs. Even though I know most of his songs from the CDs, I can't tell which song he was gonna play because he changed the arrange of the songs so much. once my friend asked me which song it was at the beginning of the song, and i was like,,, shit! lol I couldn't tell. but it was " the Remedy" He changed it to something totally different. the famous pop song got transformed to a Casa nova song.

he is very good in live too. his voice is so splendid and strong. his back band was amazing.

I found a video from the show which my friend has posted on his facebook. Enjoy.

oh, one more thing, somehow, I think Jason thought we as in Toronto speak French, he was staying " Merci" to the audience lol

more videos posted the link below

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