August 18, 2009

(500) days of summer

No postings for 2 weeks… or 3 weeks.. Yes, I do have lots of excuses… My work was busy, the summer school is over and I just had a final exam last night. I went out too much. My PC broke down and got a new one, but it had been acting weird and had to bring back it to the store and fix it.
Anyhow, I went to see the live show 2 weeks ago and I saw The Rural Alberta Advantage. I was gonna write about it. But I guess ill not write about it for now. I think I have a chance to see them again in the end of this month for the V-fest, so I’ll write about it later. But I gotta say it was such an amazing show. The legendry Horse Shoes was PACKED. One of my friends told me that he was gonna be there, yet, the tickets was all sold out and he couldn’t even get in. I love the drummer the best. He is so talented.
What I wanna talk this time is the movie that I watched 2 weeks ago. It is called (500) days of summer. I went to watch the movie because the show that I was about to go was cancelled. I was gonna see Bad Veins. Yet, I was so excited to see the movie.

What I really liked about the movie was the music. Of course, they used lots of good songs from the Smiths, Feist, and so forth. The movie is funny and cute, yet, it is more realistic. I loved the concept of the movie. (500) days.. Umm, I’m not gonna write all the details because I know some of my friends still wanna see it. I had to buy the soundtrack right after the movie. That’s how much I enjoyed the movie and the music.
I posted a couple of videos, I hope you guys are interested and see it


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