September 7, 2009

V-fest; 2nd best performance; The Rural Alberta Advantage

My labour day's weekend is over, which means that I'm back in school from tomorrow. I'm sort of excited. It would be great to have a time off during the weekdays. but no so much excited for the fact that I gotta study and work at the same time, it's gonna be interesting.. umm, wish me luck... Anyhow, before time passes by soo quickly, I would like to still talk about the v-fest that I went last weekend especially about The Rural Alverta Advantage.

I found this band a couple month ago. I was listening their debut album over the Internet, and with the very catchy and folky sound, I was in love with this band in a second. the drummer is very skillful. then, I had a chance to see them back in July when they played @ the Horse Shoe Tavern. It was packed by the crowd. I thought they are getting more popular and popular, which is totally understandable because of their music. This 3 piece band was playing @ the V-fest. there were 3 stages @ the set, however, the 3rd stage was the smallest one, which was set up in a tent. I had a hard time finding the tent and I and my friend had to ask around.

Finally when we got there, there was nobody because we apparently got there very early ( we expected it to be packed since we saw the packed Venue a month ago) anyhow, so we decide to go front and wait for the band to get started the show. Gradually when people started gathering around the tend after the Pixies, the band started rocking the place 10 mins earlier than the scheduled time. It was soo close. I mean, I was in front of the band and yeah it felt as if it was a private show or something. that's how close we were. I think we were very lucky to be there early. well, before we knew it, there were so many people around the tent and we couldn't believe that how many people were actually there.

Despite some technical difficulties with the keyboard and the fact that they band had to play in the tent, where there were so many bugs around the light. at one point the singer swalon the bug right before he had to sing. but he somehow manage to start singing. Other than that, it was very good show. their songs are very high beat and catchy. very energetic! I was so glad to see them that close and had a chance to see them again. I hope they will be back in Toronto pretty soon. well they are from Toronto so they should be back soon. I have posted some pics and video that I took. so Enjoy!

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