July 20, 2009


Umm, what a day... I had a very busy day with work and school. At least, I finished my midterm tonight. goody goody, and I am so nerdy. well, this is a blog about music, so why not to rhyme some.. yo yo.. lol

At the end of a day like today, at my bachelor apartment, all I wanna do is to chill. I love being super busy usually. I make myself busy, so that I don't get bored, and,, lonely. I don't like the rest of the world is having a lot of fun when I am not. I do work hard, study hard and play the hardest. This is my philosophy. But I also love my Monday night when I don't go out and just come home from school and have my own time, indulging myself with things that I love.

I love taking a long bath with my favorite music and books. Sometimes, I just being deep in thought and think about various stuff. So tonight, as an usual Monday night, music creates the mood for me. Tonight, I listen to a band called "Lydia". I was in love with them for the first tune that I heard. From the intro, which won't go away from my ears for a while, I was in love. The song is called "Hospital" They don't have a music video for this song. but I still manage to find the track on Youtube. I would love to see them in live. but they haven't come to Toronto.. Please do...

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