July 20, 2009

Bad Veins

My weekend is almost over. The sad feeling at Sunday midnight comes to my mind.. I had a good weekend. I had to study a lot since I have an exam tomorrow ( don't even ask me if I'm ready for it lol) but I played hard too. I watched "Bruno". It was quite a interesting experience. I had fun since I went to see it with a bunch of my friends. it's always fun to be with them. they add more spice to lots of things that I do in my life. I went clubbing as well. I'm not a type of person who would be good at dancing. I have been told that I do dance like a Penguin. but I think it's cute. I'm more into indie rock music as you can tell.

So getting back to the business,, as I study, I need music to keep me going. I listen to music when I study. I like to listen to new songs from a new bands. I look for ones while I study. From radios, website, my space. lot of sources are available.

Then I found a good piece. A band called " Bad Veins" Their album is coming out on July 21th. They do sound a bit like the Killers, but the tune is soo amazing. very catchy. once you listen, it won't go away from your ears. it will stick right there.. They are coming to Toronto on Aug 2nd. I'm totally going there.

I have posted the link to their my space page. Check it out and let me know what you think.


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